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About WMES

West Midlands Egyptology Society

The West Midlands Egyptology Society was founded in 2014 by current Chair, Stacey Anne Bagdi, a graduate in Egyptology from The University of Leiden.

The first WMES talk was on Wednesday 22nd October 2014, a talk on The Valley of the Kings, by Peter Robinson!

The current committee for 2017- 2018 is:
Chair – Stacey Anne Bagdi
Co-chair – Alice Baddeley
Marketing Manager (Website/Advertising) – Jordan Mullett
Marketing Member – Jennifer Turner
Secretary – Silvie Adams
Events Secretary – Henry Pelgrift
Treasurer – Chris Davies
Assistant Member – Mitch Davie

Previous Committees

2016-2017 Committee:

Stacey Anne Bagdi – Chair

Alice Baddeley – Secretary and  Marketing Assistant

Chris Davies – Treasurer

Jordan Mullett – Marketing

Harriet Hathaway – Assistant Member

Jennifer Turner – Assistant Member

2015-2016 Committee:

Stacey Anne Bagdi – Chair and Treasurer
Harriet Aldridge – Secretary
Alice Baddeley – Co-Marketing Member
Kavita Kumari  – Co-treasurer and Marketing Member
Eric Billingham – Assistant Member
Samantha Vaughan – Assistant Member
Colin Twamley – Assistant Member

2014-2015 Committee:

Stacey Anne Bagdi – Chair

Kavita Kumari – Secretary

Grace Strachan-Morris – Treasurer and Marketing

Jayne Holly-Wait – Marketing

Sue Middleton Assistant Member

Colin Twamley –  Assistant Member

Peter Tonks –  Assistant Member


From Left to Right: Stacey Bagdi, Peter Tonks, Colin Twamley, Kavita Kumari, Sue Middleton and Grace Strachan- Morris


If you would like to help us but don’t think you have enough time to give to be on the committee, then please do tell us. We are always looking for people who can help with little things that perhaps we either don’t have the time to do or require someone with more knowledge of how to do something. We welcome any offer and will not expect you to do more than you are willing. Use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page and we will respond to you as soon as we can.




  1. really cool blog well done and stay groovy

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  2. Where do the talks take place?


    • Hi Helena,
      The talks take place at the Perry Beeches the Free School in Birmingham city centre. We have a new ‘How to get to a venue page’ that gives you more information about transportation available to the area. Hope to see you at one of our talks! 🙂


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