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Tutankhamun and Ancient Technologies Symposium


WMES are co-hosting a Symposium with the Midlands Egyptian Society entitled ‘Tutankhamun and Ancient Technologies’ Saturday 15th July.

Tickets for this event are now available on Eventbrite: Please follow this link to order


13.00-14.00pm: Dr. Mohammed Saleh, Ex-Director of the Egyptian Museum ‘Tutankhamun and the Ancient Egyptian Technology Innovations’
14.00-14.30: Tea/Coffee Break
14.30pm-3.30pm: Prof. Fathi Saleh –Advisor to Egypt’s Prime Minister for Heritage Affairs and Amaratus Director & Founder of Center for the Documentation of Cultural & Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) – Bibliotheca Alexandrina
‘Virtual Presentation of the Discovery of Tutankhamun Tomb’
3.30-4.00pm – Display of Interactive ‘Wall of Knowledge’ of the tomb of Tutankhamun using Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology

WMES and the Midlands Egyptian Society are pleased to present the Wall of Knowledge. It is a display system based on a large horizontal poster (Normally around 3m x 1m) that is hung on the wall and by using the virtual and augmented reality (AVR), one can point a Smart Phone or a Tablet to the different areas of the poster, and get in-depth information in the form of texts, images or videos about objects they are pointing at. The subject in the poster could be in the form spatial arrangement of objects or chronological arrangement of subjects. The application displayed here is the spatial arrangement of the object found in situ in the ante chamber of the tomb of king Tutankhamen as found by Carter in 1922.

There will be a post reception dinner held at the Egyptian Room in Bacchus Bar in Birmignham. Please note this is NOT included in the price, but is open to all who wish to join.

View our poster here: Tutankhamun Conference poster



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