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West Midlands Egyptology Society’s Final Talk for 2016!



West Midlands Egyptology Society invites you to join us for our final talk of 2016. Christian Langer will be presenting:

“Innumerable were the captives that his majesty took in his victories”: Deportations in New Kingdom Egypt.


Deportation – and also forced migration in general – has been an understudied issue in Egyptology. While mass deportations have been well-researched in connection with the Neo-Assyrian Empire, comprehensive studies into this matter are lacking for ancient Egypt. Based on my doctoral research on deportations in Egyptian history between 3000 and 332 BCE, I will highlight some preliminary results with regard to the New Kingdom. At the centre of the talk will be textual source material and the information that has not yet been uncovered from these. We can trace the fate of the deportees and reconstruct why they were deported in the first place and, in some instances, see what happened to them upon their arrival in Egypt. For instance, the bigger part seems to have been utilized as labourers in the production of staple foods. Deportation seems to have been an essential part in New Kingdom policy and possibly even contributed to Egypt’s rise as a regional great power.


Christian Langer has an MA in Egyptology, Near Eastern Archaeology and Prehistory from the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, and is a doctoral candidate at the Freie Universität Berlin writing his thesis on deportations in ancient Egyptian history between 3000 and 332 BCE. Currently, he is an Erasmus visiting research student at the Institute of Archaeology at UCL. He has worked at excavations in Egypt, Germany, and the UK, and also for the Egyptian museum in Berlin.

His main research interests are political and social history, political theory, imperialism and colonialism, ideology, foreign and domestic policy, unfree labour and forced migration in pharaonic Egypt as well as the colonial heritage of Egyptology and its impact on modern Egyptian society. He has published his MA thesis on 18th dynasty imperialism and, most recently, his paper “The Political Realism of the Egyptian Elite: A Comparison between the Teaching for Merikare and Niccolò Machiavelli’s Il Principe”. Currently, he is editing a volume assembling young Egyptologists from all over the world: Global Egyptology (working title).

As always, tickets will be available at  Waterstones, Birmingham from 6pm. The talk will begin at 6.45pm, allowing time for refreshments. On the door prices: Free for WMES Members  – £5 Adults  – £4 Students / Concessions.

We look forward to seeing everyone for our final talk of the year!

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