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Counting Down the Days


It’s a very exciting few days for all of us on the committee and those of you planning to join us at our first meeting on Wednesday.

We have a brilliant talk lined up for you from Peter Robinson along with the opportunity to find out more about our plans for the future. It also gives us the chance to meet those of you who have expressed an interest in joining Team WMES. If you would like to be considered for a role on the committee but haven’t let us know, please contact us before the meeting on Wednesday.

For those of you that have never been to the Pen Museum (the location of our first meeting), it’s approximately 15 to 20 minutes walk from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Walk around to Great Charles Street, turn right and then cross over to the left to walk along Newhall Street. You will pass Perry Beeches Secondary School and Newhall Street will become Graham Street. Turn right onto Frederick Street and you will see the Pen Museum. To get in, there’s a metal gate with a smaller door-type section that will open. Once inside the gate, take the door to the left and walk to the meeting room. There’s a map below along with the flyer image.

Only 3 more days to go!





  1. Colin Twamley says:


    Thanks for the e-mail. I am very much looking forward to joining you on Wednesday having for a long time lamented the lack of an Egyptology society in the Midlands and having even considered trying to start one myself! I would welcome the opportunity to help in any way possible, by joining the commitee perhaps and/or even by giving a talk. I have given talks on ancient Egypt to a local history group. My background -before retirement -was as a university lecturer in engineering, but I have studied ancient Egypt since I was a teenager mainly by extensive reading and by attendance at Bloomsbury and other short courses and meetings.


    looking forward to Wednesday.

    Colin Twamley

    PS I have a mobility difficulty. Can you tell me what the parking is like near the Pen musuem.


  2. Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the comment. Our chair Stacey Bagdi will email you about parking as she volunteers at the museum and knows it well.

    Look forward to meeting you at the talk.


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